Rabbit Cages or Hutches

Got rabbits? Then you need rabbit cages or hutches for them to live in. These structures are great habitats for your cottontail friends because of the safety, convenience, and comfort they provide. It isn't necessary for you to create large, elaborate rabbit hutches for your pets. These small animals feel more secure when they have a single compartment in which to live.

Girl Kissing Rabbit

Rabbits are not terribly fussy about their living quarters. The main features that you should include in any design is a secure latching door, good ventilation, and floors built from some type of wire. You can make rabbit cages that are made from wire or you can choose to construct one that is built mostly from wood. Either one will work very nicely if you pay attention to a few pertinent details.

A great addition to add is something called a rabbit run to provide your furry friend with exercise.