Tres Marias Cottontail

The Tres Marias Cottontail is found only on the Tres Marias Islands, located 100 kilometers west of Mexico in the ocean. They live in areas with dense vegetation. They thrive wherever there are enough trees and bushes to provide cover; they do not like to be in open fields like some other rabbit species.

This cottontail species will seek shelter in abandoned burrows made by other animals or they will wriggle under piles of brush or hide in shrubs. Described as a medium to large rabbit, the Tres Marias Cottontail maintains their color all year long. They are usually gray, brown and red, with a brown patch of fur on its throat. They have short ears.

Very little is known about this species regarding their reproductive habits. They are usually nocturnal, but have been known to be out in the daytime when necessary. Males will compete for females during breeding times, but little else is known.

These cottontails have the ability to remain utterly still for up to 15 minutes. This helps them evade predators. They will eat a wide variety of plants and twigs. They are hunted for food by the people on the islands. The population has dropped significantly since the beginning of the last century.

With few predators on the islands, they are not afraid of people. They must compete for forage with pigs and goats that have been introduced to the islands.

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