Bella my new rabbit

by Andrea Thornhill
(Sanford, NC, US)

Bella the mystery bunny

Bella the mystery bunny

This is Bella she is 1.5 years old and I just got her.

Gave her Carefresh bedding pellets and timothy hay. Fed her a little kale but read not to anymore so I will stick with the kinds that are suggested a tiny bit at a time. She has had a carrot too.

She seems scared but I let her have time to herself and she likes that. I have no idea if she was at the pet center for long or where she came from or what kind of rabbit she is BUT I love her; any tips will help.

She loves to dig her bedding and hay and through it everywhere lol. Well here she is :) We are making her a new cage asap too.

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Jan 25, 2012
by: Andrea (Bella's MOMMA)

Thank you for the info. This is very funny Bella was actually very pregnant when I bought her I can't believe it she had 6 babies 12 days after I got her. I posted this pic and never even knew. I will put up a pic of the new babies. One was born still born :( She had 3 white 3 black which is cute cause she is white and black. The one that was stillborn was white. So now she has 2 white 3 black. Any info on the babies would be great. She made them a fur nest and feeds them alot I see her. She also has a place to go so she can escape them cause they are wondering out of lil home now. Here is her pic I will put it up when I find out how. lol

Jan 24, 2012
Bunny Food
by: Alan Young

Alfalfa is also good food for bunnies. Foods that is given for bunny that contain sugar, such as fruit dips and sweet puffs etc. Sweet peppers like favorite vegetables also used as treat for your pet bunny.

Treats should be given in small amounts on any given day. Rabbit pellets contain enough alfalfa that they have no need for more. Too much of any treat can be bad for your bunnies health.

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