Big Rabbit Cages

While all rabbits will appreciate nice big rabbit cages, if you have a large breed rabbit this is even more important. If you own a Californian, a Rex, a Mini Lop, or other large breed, you need to make sure they have plenty of room to relax and play in their cage.

If you own a giant breed like a French Lop, a Flemish Giant or Giant Angora, you will need to find or build an even larger cage. These giant breeds are not as active as the smaller breeds, but they need enough space to stretch out completely. Just like the smaller breeds, they appreciate some time outside of their cages to explore and play.

The normal rule of thumb used in calculating cage size is to provide one square foot of space for every pound of adult rabbit. Using this calculation, you could end up with a simple 2 foot by 3 foot cage for a Mini Lop that tops out around 6 pounds.

On the other hand, if you have a 15 pound Flemish Giant, you would need 15 square feet. When you have a cage this large, cleaning becomes an issue. Make sure you can easily reach all areas of the cage.

Two Story Rabbit Hutch

There are many ways to make big rabbit cages. Sometimes you can also find local people who build extra large cages. Outdoor cages can be as large as you want to make them. If you build a large cage, you may want to make it so you can enter the cage itself for cleaning. A big rabbit would really appreciate a cage that large.

If you make a cage that sits on the ground, remember to put heavy wire on the floor. Rabbits like to dig. Wire will keep your pet safe inside the cage and keep digging predators out. Grass can grow through the wire. During muddy weather, bedding can be added to keep your pet more comfortable.

If your pets will be indoors, you can create big rabbit cages  in an unused room or in part of a large room. Puppy panels can keep your pet safely enclosed when you cannot supervise their activities.

You can also build a creative cage out of storage cube panels. Cages like this should be put on linoleum or vinyl floors for easy clean up. If the cage must be in a carpeted room, lay some vinyl flooring on top of the carpet and then set up the cage.

Depending on how large of an area you have available, you can put in toys, an enclosed house and other accessories your rabbit will enjoy.

Just because your pet has a large cage, don't forget to interact with him. He will still appreciate time with you on the floor. Cages do provide protection for your rabbit and are necessary both indoors and out, but your pet will benefit greatly from time outside the cage as well.

Make sure your pets are secure in their big rabbit cages when guests come over or when you cannot watch them sufficiently. This protects your home and your pet.

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