How to Build a
Simple Backyard Rabbit Hutch

You can easily put together a simple backyard rabbit hutch that will keep your bunny safe and sound. When you are planning your pet's hutch, keep in mind that this hutch will need to keep your rabbit dry, shady and safe from predators.

If you don't have any idea of what you need to do, you may want to check online and find some simple rabbit hutch plans. There are many sites that offer free plans that you can download, complete with materials lists.

If you think you can wing it, make a simple drawing of the hutch with the dimensions and take it with you to the hardware store. One of the project clerks can help you figure out how much you'll need of each type of material.

Homemade rabbit hutch

Most backyard rabbit hutches are made of wood and wire. Don't skimp on either one. The wood should be of good quality without any knot holes in it. The wire should be heavy duty 14 gauge welded wire mesh.

This wire is strong enough to protect your rabbit from most predators. Wall wire can be 1 inch by 2 inch mesh or smaller. Floor wire, if you choose to use it, should be no larger than ½ inch by 1 inch mesh.

The cage itself can be a simple square or rectangle set up on legs. Some of the walls will be wood and some will be wire. It is easiest to start with the frame and then cover the frame with your walls, floor, door and roof. Your rabbit will be happy as long as they have a place to call their own that keeps them safe and comfortable.

When it comes to the roof, use some proper roofing materials. A slanted roof will protect your bunny best by directing rain and snow toward the back and off the roof. Make sure the roof extends over the edge in the front so any drips don't fall in the cage or in the feeder. You can use asphalt roofing shingles or corrugated patio roofing for your backyard rabbit hutch. Either one holds up well and keeps your pet dry. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the roofing material so you get the best results.

When it comes to the hutch's door, make it large enough for you to reach in easily for cleaning. You also want to attach the door securely with good hinges and a secure latch. You'd be amazed at how clever predatory animals like raccoons, dogs, cats and others can be when they really want into something. Keeping your pet secure will deter these animals from having rabbit for dinner.

You can put in a wooden box with a door in it for your pet to hide in if you want to give them a place to run when they are upset or frightened. You can purchase these at many pet stores or make your own. Just make a wooden box with a top and four sides. Cut a door in one of the sides for the rabbit to squeeze through and set it in their backyard rabbit hutch.

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