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It isn't too difficult to build a rabbit cage. Some say you don't get any savings from building your own unless you are building quite a few at one time, but building your own lets you design them specifically to your needs. Perhaps your barn is a certain size so you need to plan for a certain number of cages to fit in the length of the building, or perhaps you have a special cage in mind.

The Materials

To build your own wire cage, you need 14 gauge woven wire in two sizes: 1 inch by 1 inch (or 1 X 2) for the sides and roof and 1 inch by half an inch for the floor. The smaller weave helps keep your rabbit safe inside the cage while allowing droppings to fall through.

When you build a rabbit cage you will also need some good wire cutters, hog rings, hog ring pliers and a measuring tape. Some people put plastic edging around the door to keep everyone safe from getting scratched on the wire. You may also need a door latch. You can buy them ready-made or make them yourself from heavy wire. It is a good idea to buy at least one to use as a template, and you may need to practice to make them as secure as those made in a factory.

Build a Rabbit Cage - building

The size of your cages will depend on the size of your rabbits. Large breeds need at least a 30 inch by 30 inch cage; 30 inch by 36 inch is better. If you are raising litters, you'll want a large enough cage for the bunnies to grow in but still allows you easy access to them. It is no fun trying to catch a rabbit that has discovered your arm can't reach into that far corner of the cage.

Smaller breeds usually only require a 24" X 24" cage as they need less space to run around in. Rabbits need about 1 square foot of floor space for each pound of adult rabbit.

Once you decide on the size of cage you need, you'll need to cut your wire. Measure carefully so you don't get surprised later when you're assembling the cage. You can make a single cage or you can cut longer lengths of wire and make several cages that are hooked together. This is more economical with your wire, but it depends on your set up.

As you build a rabbit cage, attach the bottom to an end wall with the hog rings. To do this, insert the circular hog ring into the hog ring pliers and apply it around the two pieces of wire that meet. Squeeze the pliers to close the ring. If you find you have made a mistake, simply cut the ring off with your wire cutters. Be generous with your hog rings; they are inexpensive and are infinitely a better investment than paying for an injured rabbit that managed to squeeze out of a space not secured sufficiently.

Attach the rest of the walls the same way and then attach the walls to each other where they meet. Put on the ceiling and attach. Now it is time for the door. Cut it large enough so you can easily reach in and pick up your pet. Cut another piece of wire a bit larger than this hole to be the door. Attach it on one side with hog rings to make a hinged side. Attach the door latch with hog rings to the door so it will meet the woven mesh of the wall and latch securely.

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