Build an A-Frame Rabbit Hutch

You can build an A-frame rabbit hutch that your rabbit will really enjoy. All it takes is a plan, some materials, and some time. An A-frame hutch is triangular in shape. The hutch includes a covered house portion and a play yard portion. The hutch can be moved about the yard so the grass doesn't get worn down too much where the rabbits play.

Ware A-Frame Rabbit Hutch

Start with the frame. Make the rectangular base. Frame two triangles for each end. You'll need two more without the bottom brace to be placed at equal distances between the two ends. A top piece should string them all together to finish off the frame.

Hold up your plywood to each end and use a pencil to mark the size on the wood. Cut them to size. Cut out a door on each end large enough to allow you easy access to the hutch. Cut one that will fit for the interior wall to the hutch and cut a small door just large enough for your rabbit. Attach it to one of the interior A-frames using wood screws.

You can put wood on the floor of the hutch portion if you wish. Be sure to add it on the bottom of the frame. Staple 14 gauge wire mesh on the remaining floor and the sides that will be open. Attach the wooden sides of the rabbit's shelter.

Attach the doors you cut out of the two end pieces with hinges and strong latches. Attach the end pieces to each end of the A-frame. Place a long board on the top that protrudes on each end to make moving the A-frame simple.

Fill the sleeping quarters with bedding if you wish. Hay or straw can be used. This may not be necessary in good weather, but you may want to provide a good filling of straw during cold or inclement weather. Set up your rabbit's food and water. A water bottle will work well for liquid refreshment, but you may want to use a crock for the food in this setup.

Your rabbit will enjoy this shelter. They can hide when they want to or play and nibble grass. Place the A-frame in a place where your rabbit will not get overheated on a hot day. You can move it about to keep the grass from getting worn away to mud.

Your pet will be closer to dogs and cats at this level, so keep an eye on their interactions to make sure they don't stress out your rabbit. This makes the privacy of the shelter very important. It gives the rabbit a place to hide safely from predatory eyes.

Rabbits that spend a lot of time on the ground may pick up parasites from time to time, including intestinal worms and fleas. Be sure to treat your rabbit as needed before their health is compromised by parasites of any kind. If you are unsure what to use or how often to use it, talk to an experienced rabbit breeder or a vet who specializes in rabbits.

When you build an A-frame rabbit hutch with the top board protruding at each end it is easy to hang in your carport or shed in the evening so your rabbit is further from predators at night.

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