Build Your Own Rabbit Hutch

Just when you were getting sticker shock from pricing rabbit hutches, it may occur to you that you could build your own rabbit hutch.

Your rabbit will be happy as long as he has a nice roomy place that keeps him safe and dry. How hard could it be? If you have some experience in woodworking or construction, it will make the job easier.

If you haven't built anything before, you can find instructions that will give you step by step descriptions in detail. Be sure you know how to handle any power tools you may need or have someone help who knows how to handle them. If you have experience, you may be able to get by with just a plan or by looking at the styles you like best.

Pick up all your materials before you start to build your own rabbit hutch so they are available when you need them. A good solid hutch can be built in a weekend easily... possibly it could go faster if you have assistance. Measure out all your wood carefully before cutting. Once it is cut you can't make it longer!

Plan your hutch so you can easily reach all areas of the cage through the door. This will make it easier to catch your rabbit when you need to. It will also make cleaning the hutch easier. Sometimes the roof is made so you can lift it up. This can make cleaning and repair much easier.

Decide where the door will go. Will the door be wood or wire? Do you have enough space for your rabbit and anything else you need to put inside the cage? For example, if you are raising rabbits, the door should accommodate an appropriately sized nest box. If you are going to use a litter pan for a pet, the door should be large enough for you to take it out for cleaning.

Will your hutch need to withstand a lot of weather or will it be situated underneath some shelter? If it will be out in the weather you need to make sure the roofing will be sufficient to keep your rabbit warm and dry.

You want to take a look at the types of roofing materials you have to choose from that will fit in your budget when you build your own rabbit hutch. Corrugated fiberglass or metal can work, as can asphalt shingles. Whatever you choose, follow the installation suggestions so your bunny stays snug.

When your hutch is all done, you need to find a good place to set it up. Ideally, you want a place with level ground and shade from trees or shrubs. Summer sun is tough on rabbits, so shade is really important.

If possible, you also want to make sure the hutch is sheltered from the wind. What direction does it usually blow? If you can make sure one of the solid sides faces the wind, your bunny will remain nice and comfortable. Secure the roof so wind cannot lift it off the hutch during storms.

The more secure you build your own rabbit hutch, the happier your rabbit will be. Taking the time to plan it out and build it carefully will result in a safe shelter your rabbit can enjoy.

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