Building a Rabbit Hutch

Before building a rabbit hutch, check out the many types that you can build for your pets. You can put together a standard hutch made out of wood and wire that sits up on legs in an afternoon or two if you are used to building things. It may take a little longer if you are not.

These standard style hutches have housed thousands of rabbits over the years, and will probably house thousands more as time goes on.

Sometimes you want to create that perfect home, however. Something grand. Something amazing. If this is something that you want to do, plan it out well before you begin.

You'll want to get some solid materials that won't wear out quickly or be affected by weather or predators. Depending on how tall you want it, you could put in two or more floors for your rabbit to run and play on.

You'll want to plan for shade and protection from wind and rain when building a rabbit hutch. You'll need to bury wire on the floor so predators cannot get in and your pet cannot tunnel out. Upper floors can be made of standard rabbit floor wire that allows droppings to fall through yet supports the weight of the rabbit well.

Smaller rabbits do better with ramps and cages offering more than one level than large rabbits. They are more active and not quite as clumsy as some of the giant breeds.

If you have a giant breed that you want to treat to such a splendid home, think about ways you can keep it on a single level yet still allow you room to get inside and clean and play with your pet.

With such a large cage, your rabbit will enjoy lots of room to binky about and enjoy themselves. If you have a bonded pair, they could also live in such a cage. Don't keep unaltered rabbits together in this kind of situation or you will have litters before you know it.

When building a rabbit hutch, start with securing 4 x 4s in each corner. You may need more depending on how large the cage will be. You will want to dig down and set the posts into the earth. Fill in around them with packed sand or concrete. This will keep your pet safe from predators and other menaces.

Attach your wire between the posts with additional framing if needed. You may want to add an additional layer by using lattice on the outside. This will let you plant something nearby that can climb and provide shade. It will also add another layer between your pet and a predator. The new plastic lattice is nice and strong. It doesn't come apart like wooden lattice. It also comes in nice colors.

Corrugated fiberglass panels make a great roof. You can get some that help screen out the sun and protect your pet from the hot sun. Make sure the door to the cage is secure. Ramps can be made of wood with slats for traction or they can be framed and covered with floor wire.

When you have finished building a rabbit hutch, position it somewhere protected from bad weather. You don't want it in the part of the yard that floods or gets ten hours of sun in the summer. Your rabbit will appreciate his new home.

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