Building Rabbit Cages
to Earn Money

If you have been successful in building rabbit cages for your own rabbits, you may start thinking about building them for other people. This can turn into a money-making proposition if you get good at constructing cages that look good and keep the rabbits secure.

When you begin building rabbit cages to earn money, you'll want to have an attractive design. Make sure you design the cage to withstand the weather and any predators if it is meant to be outdoors. Outdoor cages should have quality waterproof roofing on them to keep the rabbits dry. Be sure and mention this quality when you advertise your cages.

Once you begin making a lot of cages, you'll find it cheaper to buy the wire you need by the roll. Don't do this, however, until you need that much wire. Shipping for wire is very expensive also, so you don't want to incur these costs until you know you can recoup your expenditure.

Use the same plans you used for your own cages if you find those cages to suit the needs of your rabbit. The more you make this plan, the faster you'll become. Once you have a few cages ready to sell, you can begin to advertise.

Put up flyers and business cards at your local feed stores. Most of them will have a bulletin board their customers can post items on for free. Sometimes you can work it out with them so they will display one of your cages. Perhaps you can set it up with them to sell your cages along with the accessories they will need from the feed store so everyone can make a little profit.

Most communities have a craigslist for their area. List your custom rabbit cages for sale under the heading of "farm and garden." You'll want to relist your cages at least every other day since the ads on this site get buried after a few days' accumulation of new ads.

Listing on craigslist is free. If others have their cages listed there, compare your pricing to theirs. Are they charging more than you or less? Figure out how much your materials cost and make sure you are making more than you paid to build it.

Online auctions like eBay might be another avenue. They do make you pay for your listings, along with a small percentage of your sale. If your cages are too awkward or large to be shipped, be sure to mention it in your listing. While it cuts down on your sales to require an item to be picked up in person, most buyers don't want to spend as much or more than they paid for the item for shipping, either.

You can also build a website. No matter where you sell online, be sure to include photos of your cages along with the dimensions and prices. On your website you can list all the good qualities about your cages and why they are the best. Include some articles on rabbit care.

Once your site is built, join some rabbit email lists and forums so you can join in the discussions and become the person they send others to for quality rabbit cages. Join social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to promote your website.

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