Building Rabbit Cages

Building rabbit cages probably won't save a lot of money compared to buying wire cages. Where the real advantage of building your own cage comes is in designing your own cages. When you build your own, you can create the cage to fit the needs of you and your rabbit.

With the cost of wire and the tools you will need, it may be cheaper to buy rabbit cages than to build them if you only need one or two. If you are making many cages and you need them to be a specific size to fit your space, then the investment will be worthwhile.

Wire cages can be built individually, or you can string two or three of them together. This will waste less wire as well as give the cages more stability. Many rabbitries will use three cages in one 6 foot length for single rabbits, and two cages per 6 foot length for does with litters.

For litter cages, you should think about babysaver wire. You can buy wire that is specially made with smaller mesh on the bottom than the rest of the roll, but it can be very expensive. It is cheaper to use your floor wire and bend the sides up to form part of the walls of the cage. This prevents babies from falling through the wire if they are crawling around the cage.

When you are building rabbit cages you may want to put at least an inch or two between cages so neighboring rabbits can't chew on each other's ears and fur. Don't think of this as wasted space... stuff it full of hay and use it as a hay rack. The rabbits will enjoy pulling the hay out through the wire. The other alternative is a solid wall, but solid walls can get very grimy from spraying rabbits and will need frequent cleaning.

Plan out the front of each cage so there is room for a generous-sized door, a feeder, a water bottle or other watering option, cage labels and anything else you think you need on the front. The door should be large enough to accommodate large rabbits and nestboxes. It should allow you easy access for cleaning and for capturing shy bunnies.

Spend the money and get some quality wire cutters. Cutting six feet of wire at a time really strains your hands and wrists if you're using a poor cutter. Get lots of J Clips... you can never have enough! You'll also need J clip pliers to put them on and a J clip removal tool, because there will be times when they need to be removed no matter how well you plan it out.

When building rabbit cages, make sure the floor wire is facing the right way. If you have ½ inch by 1 inch, the ½ inch side should be facing the rabbit to keep his feet comfortable. You also want to get at least one door latch. You could use this one as a model and teach yourself to bend wire to make your own.

This can still be time consuming, so you may just prefer to buy as many as you need. Don't forget some plastic snap-on cage edging to go around the door so you don't scratch yourself.

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