Bunny Fufu

by Sasha
(Round Rock, Texas)

I had gotten my bunny for Easter, going on two years ago, when she was very young. I had picked the largests of the bunch from a small ranch, feed store.

At first I had fed her the feed from the same place I had gotten her from but then I had come across a different type of bunny feed with more things in it from the Wal-mart store. After feeding her that food, I noticed that she had liked it better so that's what we stuck with.

After a few months of well eating, she had grown very rapidly. I haven't weighed her yet but I know she couldn't be any less than 10 lbs.

She's so big but I love her and she's my bunny fufu

Very pretty. Just be sure you don't over-feed her. It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but if she gets too fat she is more likely to develop health problems.

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