Bunny Rabbit Hutches

If you need bunny rabbit hutches, don't despair. There are many on the market that may suit your rabbit just fine. Take the time to look at catalogs, online and at your local farm stores. Usually they will have at least a couple different styles you can take a look at.

Decide what you are looking for in a hutch. Do you have a sheltered place to put it? If not, you'll need one with a nice sturdy roof to offer protection from the weather in all seasons.

How large of a rabbit hutch do you need?

Is your bunny one of the smaller breeds that doesn't get larger than four pounds, or is he one of the largest breeds that may grow to more than 14 pounds? You want to choose a hutch that is large enough for your bunny to be comfortable.

If you find that purchasing bunny rabbit hutches is more expensive than you thought, you may want to consider building your own. There are many designs online that may give you some ideas. This can also be a great way to save money if you have access to a bargain lumber store or a recycled item shop. Often you can get good deals on plywood, lumber and corrugated materials there that have been removed from another place.

Alternatively, if you know anyone who works in the construction business, they may be able to get you some scrap lumber for free or very cheap. Be sure and remove any old nails or paint before you use the lumber. Your rabbit could chew on painted wood or hurt themselves on an old nail.

It is more difficult to find good wire. Check at your local farm store for the proper wire to use with rabbits. Don't use hardware cloth on the floor... it is not strong enough and it is hard on bunny's feet.

Once you have your bunny rabbit hutches plan, measure your wood carefully before cutting it. You want all of the legs to be the same length so the cage doesn't wobble. A sloping roof is a good idea to keep the rain from seeping in. Snow also slides off a sloped roof. Make sure your roof is weather proof. Just using a piece of plywood will not keep your rabbit dry since the rain will seep through the wood.

Make sure you can reach your rabbit easily anywhere in the cage. You'll want to make sure it is easy to clean as well. A clean cage will keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Plan your doorway so you can easily reach every corner of the cage.

Once your bunny rabbit hutches are built or installed, you'll be able to set it up for your pet. Place food and water where it is easily accessible yet the rabbit will be unable to tip it over.

When the hutch is ready, introduce your rabbit to his new home. He will probably be cautious at first. Then he'll begin to sniff about and explore all the corners.

If you want to use a litter pan for your rabbit, take notice of what corner he wants to use as his bathroom area. Place the litter box in that corner and he'll get used to using it quickly.

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