My grandson named my Netherland Dwarf Black Otter doe Buttercup. She was bred to Coffey's LA (Ronald MacDonald - my  grandson named him too) on April 22, 2012. She had her first litter May 24, 2012. All 3 were dead when I found them.

I did take a picture of Buttercup to show where she had pulled hair not only from her belly but also from her side and leg. It doesn't show up very well in the photo.

This spot on her side and leg appears white and gray as you can see in the photo.

Buttercup, My Black Otter Netherland Dwarf Doe

Since all three of her babies were "peanuts", it is normal for them to die within 2 or 3 days.

I will update with more info and photos after she has her second litter.

She had her second litter a couple of days ago (6-29-2012). once again all 3 were peanuts. It has been suggested that I try breeding her again as both parents have the dwarf gene so getting "peanuts" is not unusual, though it is unusual. or bad luck, to get two litters in a row that are all peanuts.

I am going to give her about 2 weeks to rest before breeding her again.

I bred Buttercup again 7-11-2012, so she will be due 8-11. I am really hoping for some that are NOT peanuts this time.

Update 8-5-2012: Buttercup has been eating more the last 3 days but it is difficult to tell just how much since she will pick up pellets from the j-feeder and toss them aside where they fall through the floor wire. Only 6 more days until she is due.

Update: 8-28-2015: I cannot recall just what happened with that litter but she had a few litters that survived and eventually one of her kits grew into a very nice, showable grey buck, but was never shown as I didn't want to show with only one bunny worth showing. Eventually I went back to school and gave away all my rabbits, several to my daughter.


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