CareFresh Pet Bedding
Fantastic for Rabbits

One of the most popular beddings for rabbits is CareFresh Pet Bedding. You can find this bedding at most pet supply stores as well as online.

If you are looking for some bedding to use with your pet rabbits, you may have found there are many different types to choose from. Bedding absorbs urine, provides a soft place for your rabbit to sleep and gives them something to play with at times.

If you want wood shavings, be sure to choose kiln-dried pine instead of other pines or cedar. The oils of these woods can be harmful. You can sometimes find bedding made of aspen or other hardwoods that don't contain those oils.

Some beddings are made of recycled newspapers. Some are made of cob. You can also use hay or straw if you want.

CareFresh is made of short fiber pulp, which is a by-product from the paper making industry. These short fibers cannot be made into paper and it is free of all the chemicals, dyes and inks that may be found in some paper based beddings.

You can put CareFresh Pet Bedding either right in the cage with your bunny or in the tray below. Unlike some wood shavings, any potentially harmful aromatic hydrocarbons are removed from CareFresh. Each batch is sanitized to reduce fungus, mold and bacteria.

CareFresh bedding controls odor really well. It can suppress ammonia formation that occurs with pet urine. This bedding is also very absorbent. You don't need to worry about your pet sitting in a mess because it absorbs up to three times its own weight in liquid. The bedding easily absorbs urine and any leakage from your pet's water bottle.

CareFresh Pet Bedding stays fresh longer than most beddings so you won't need to change the entire cage as frequently. This keeps your pet happy and you save both money and time.

Some kinds of pet bedding is dusty. It's terrible when you are filling a cage with bedding and you start choking from the dust rising up.

It is also a nice and soft bedding that your rabbit will enjoy. It biodegrades quickly so it doesn't hurt the environment. What used to be a waste product from making paper is now useful to many pet owners.

While many small animals will tend to chew on their bedding, rabbits included, CareFresh doesn't seem to harm most animals unless they ingest a large amount. If your pet does eat a lot of it, contact your veterinarian. Most animals do just fine with it. Some do like to toss it about.

If your rabbit is litter box trained, you can save on using this bedding by only putting it in the litter box. This lets your rabbit have "rooms" in his cage... some with a clean floor and then the bathroom with its absorbent bedding.

Try some next time you clean your rabbit's cage and see what your pet thinks about it. While it is true that there are cheaper beddings out there, CareFresh Pet Bedding offers a healthy bedding that also saves you money in the long run.

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