Cheap Rabbit Cages for Your Pet

Rabbits make great pets, but they need a cage to keep them safe when you're not with them. If you've been looking at hutches and cages online, you may have found that many can be quite expensive. This is when you really need to find some cheap rabbit cages to choose from.

Indoor rabbit cages can come in many designs. Some come on stands that raise them off the floor and have solid bottoms. Some sit on the floor and offer more than one level for the rabbit. Some are just basic cheap rabbit cages without any frills. If you are on a strict budget, you may want to start looking at these basic cages.

A basic cheap rabbit cage will most likely be made of wire or plastic. It will have a wire floor and a tray beneath the floor (may be an option) to catch any droppings and urine for indoor use. These cages work fine in most cases, especially if you are keeping your rabbit indoors.

If you are concerned about the wire floor, you can cover the floor with woven grass mats that your rabbit can sit on and play with. The only problem this raises is you then need a cage large enough to accommodate a litter pan since any droppings the rabbit leaves will not fall to the tray below.

If your rabbit gets to run outside the cage frequently, you can often get away with offering a single mat on the floor instead of covering the entire cage with them. Leave your rabbit's preferred corner uncovered so the droppings can fall to the tray. This makes a good compromise for rabbits that get a lot of exercise and only go in their cages to eat and rest.

Another approach to cheap rabbit cages is to build your own. If you have the space, it can be quite economical to build a nice large cage or hurch using storage cube panels and zip ties. A large scrap of kitchen floor vinyl can make up the flooring for easy cleaning. Your rabbit will appreciate this type of cage since it will be large enough for them to play even when they must be contained. There will be plenty of room for a litter box, toys and anything else they need.

You can also build your own cheap rabbit cage from wood scraps and one of those plastic bins that slide under the bed. The bin provides a large, smooth floor for your pet. You can use the wood to build the sides and top of the cage. Be sure to make the door large enough to get to your rabbit easily and accommodate the size of a litter pan. For cleaning, just lift the top off and take the bottom outside to dump soiled litter and wash it if necessary.

There are many ways to create an economical home for your new pet. Learn about the needs your bunny has and then use your imagination. You'll be able to come up with a habitat that will keep your pet safe and fit in your budget.

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