Commercial Style Rabbitry Cages

Commercial style rabbitry cages are made of 14 gauge galvanized wire. They are very simple all wire rabbit cages, with four sides, a floor and a ceiling. When you purchase standard commercial cages, they come in pieces that you need to assemble with the use of J clips or hog rings.

In a commercial rabbitry, cages are usually hung from the ceiling of the barn. Some facilities may have frames the cages sit on. All the droppings fall from the cage to the floor or a container below. Droppings are removed on a regular basis to avoid any ammonia build up that would make the barn uninhabitable for the rabbits.

Commercial Style Rabbit Cage

Most commercial rabbitries raise meat rabbits like New Zealands or Californians. Wire cages make cleaning simple and all the rabbits can easily be seen at any time to check for health or behavior problems.

Little Giant Rabbit Cage

Does are kept in larger wire cages than bucks. The larger cages allow room for a nestbox and growing room for the kits. Some commercial style rabbitry cages feature built in nestboxes on one side or built into the floor. Side nest boxes can be closed off when not in use.

Floor nest boxes are especially useful if one of the kits gets carried out of the cage by the doe because the baby did not let go when she was done feeding them. Floor nests make it easy for the baby to find their way back to the nest simply by crawling around the floor of the cage. When they reach the nest, they simply fall back in. This is important in a commercial rabbitry, where every kit counts.

Smaller commercial rabbitries may resort to using wire cages with trays to catch droppings. This means more work, though. Trays must be emptied on a regular basis to keep the cages clean and the animals healthy. These cages are stackable, however, allowing the small rabbitry owner to house more rabbits in a smaller space. Each owner needs to assess their budget and available assets before they set up their caging.

Wire caging is simple to disinfect and keep clean. They last a long time before they show signs of rust or damage. Often, parts of the cage can simply be replaced instead of replacing the entire cage. It is more cost effective to the owner to use these cages. Identification cards can be easily attached to the cages, as well as records used for breeding schedules, weaning and so on.

Show breeders and even some pet owners also use commercial style rabbitry cages for some of the same reasons. While some people worry about the effects of wire on the rabbits' feet, most rabbits do just fine due to the thick fur on the bottoms of their feet. Resting boards, tiles or even grass mats can be used to supply the rabbit with solid footing when they need to get off the wire.

Any time a number of rabbits are being kept, the issue of cleanliness becomes more important. The way commercial style rabbitry cages are designed, routine cleaning is simplified. European cages often use steel wire for the majority of the cage and plastic bottoms with holes that allow the droppings to fall out. These cages are designed for easy cleaning and efficient use of the space available.

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