Cube Rabbit Cages

Cube rabbit cages are an excellent way to make a home for your indoor rabbit. You can find storage cubes at most discount stores like Target, Walmart, Costco and others. You can find them under the name of Neat Idea Cubes (NIC) and a few other companies. You can let your imagination run wild as you design a custom cage for your pet.

While the cubes come with plastic clips to hold the grids together, you may find you have better results using zip ties. Make sure you pull them tight. Clip off the tails when you are done.

Check the zip ties occasionally to make sure your pet hasn't taken up the hobby of chewing plastic zip ties. Replace them as needed. You can easily use cable ties as hinges for the square that will become the door. A simple bull dog clip will serve as a latch. Make the walls tall enough for your pet to stretch all the way up without banging his head on the ceiling.

A large piece of vinyl flooring makes a waterproof floor for your cube rabbit cages . Make sure it is larger than your cage so your rabbit can't chew on the edge. You can also get large sheets of corrugated plastic to make into a custom tray to fit your cage.

If you are placing your cube cage on a vinyl floor, you won't need to worry about adding an additional floor unless you have a messy bunny. Rabbits that don't dig or chew the carpet can even live safely on top of your carpet without a problem. If your pet likes to dig, it is better to protect your floor from his attentions.

Add some additional floor space by making shelves out of more grid squares. Most rabbits enjoy leaping from one floor to the next. Cover the shelves with grass mats, cardboard or other solid material so your rabbit's feet don't slip through the grid. Secure your floor covering with zip ties so they don't slip.

Some rabbits will need a ladder or ramp to get from one floor to another, especially if they are older and less spry. Ramps can be made with a piece of wood. Drill holes in the top so they can be secured to the upper level. Add small pieces of wood or carpet to add traction for your rabbit.

Use doweling on each wall under the shelf to add more support. All you need to do is slip them through the grids right under the shelf on each side along the walls and secure in place with more zip ties. You can add a dowel to support the center of the ceiling as well.

Once your new cube rabbit cages are complete, add your bunny's food and water dishes, a litter pan, a hay pan and any toys you want them to have. Your rabbit will love their new home. Even when they have to stay inside, they will have plenty of room for fun. The grid walls let you see your pet at all times so you can enjoy his antics.

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