Do It Yourself Rabbit Hutch

Many rabbit owners decide to make a do it yourself rabbit hutch. It really isn't too difficult to do. There are plenty of free plans online that will give you ideas on designing your hutch. You can follow one of these plans carefully or you can adapt the ideas you find there into one of your own.

One of the best things about building your own do it yourself rabbit hutch is you get to add what you want. If you want the roof to lift off, you can hinge it so it lifts easily. If you want wheels on the bottom so you can move the hutch from place to place without a lot of effort, you can add them. There is no reason you need to build a hutch like everyone else does.

Rabbit Hutch

Perhaps your bunny would look nice peering through a round porthole rather than a boring square. As long as you have the tools to make this into reality, go right ahead and do it! Make sure you secure the wire in several places to the wood for safety. You can use heavy duty staples or screws with washers to secure the wire. Cut off any sharp ends that may hurt your bunny.

Maybe you want to add a ramp and an outdoor pen your rabbit can use to sun himself or nibble on some clover. You can do it! If you add an outdoor pen, line the floor with heavy duty wire to keep your bunny in and digging predators out. A cover to provide some shade is also a good idea.

If you want to, add in a private area for your bunny to hide in. It will provide protection from the wind and make your bunny feel safe when he is frightened. Just cut a little hole so your rabbit can access his private room. If this area is large enough, you can even add a litter box in there. Not every bunny needs a litter box, however, so it depends on where your hutch is set up and how you want to care for your rabbit.

You can attach a hay rack if you wish. This is a wire rack that attaches to the wire on your rabbit hutch. Your rabbit can pull hay through the wire as he wishes. This saves you a lot of hay and gives your rabbit more entertainment than setting it on the floor of his cage. Your rabbit won't soil as much of it. You can purchase a hay rack at a pet supply store or make your own from leftover wire mesh.

You'll get to decide what kind of feeder you want to use. Some people like crocks for rabbit pellets while others like the J feeders that hook through the wire wall. If you use a J feeder and your hutch is outdoors, look for the type with a lid on it or find a way to protect the pellets from the rain. Your rabbit will enjoy his new do it yourself rabbit hutch no matter how you design it.

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