Do Mosquitos Bother Rabbits?

by Bob
(Branford, Fl, USA)

There are a lot of mosquitoes here, do they bother rabbits? Do I have to put a screen around the hutches?


I haven't noticed any problems here in East Central Illinois.

I will ask my daughter as she is the real expert and actually answers most of the questions here as well as supply the information on the site.

I am hoping she eventually becomes comfortable maintaining the site so I can turn it all over to her and I will no longer be the go-between.

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Jul 11, 2012
Do Mosquitos Bother Rabbits
by: In Loving Memory of Tiger

Mosquito's pose a lethal and ultimately fatal affect on rabbits. Rabbits get a disease called Myxomatosis from mosquito's, fleas and other similar type insects. Protect rabbits against Myxomatosis if possible.

Check with your vet if they can be vaccinated against it. It is a horrible and cruel disease! Most rabbits die within a week or less of getting it and it is a horrible, painful disease that causes much suffering, the rabbit suffocates in the end.

It would be kinder to put the rabbit down than let things run their course.

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