Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

The Dwarf Hotot rabbit is an unusual and somewhat rare breed. Developed in Germany during the 1970s, this cute little white rabbit is known for the colored rings around its eyes.

Some German breeders crossed a Netherland Dwarf with Hotot markings to a black Netherland Dwarf. They got Dutch marked babies that produced bunnies with the Hotot markings when bred back to the black buck.

Other German breeders tried crossing a white Netherland Dwarf with a Blanc de Hotot buck. Eventually both groups began sharing breeding stock that ended up producing the Hotots we have today.

The Dwarf Hotot rabbit is small and compact. They should have a stocky build. Their temperaments are docile and friendly. They love to run about and live active lives. Don't be surprised if your bunny leaps upon your lap when you're least prepared for it. This breed is full of personality and each rabbit has its own opinion of everything around it.

The head is round like a Netherland Dwarf. The eyes should be bold and bright. Around the outer eye should be a thin ring of colored fur in either black, chocolate or blue. The rabbits with a black ring look like their eyes are extra large. In contrast, the rest of their coat should be pure white.

Like other dwarf breeds, you need to watch how much you feed them. Your Dwarf Hotot rabbit should have only ¼ cup of pellets per day. You can free feed orchard hay to keep their digestive system in order. They are known for diarrhea problems and teeth issues due to their body design. Keep a close eye on their teeth and their droppings.

Because they are so active, you may want to get a few toys for your rabbit. Ping pong balls, plastic Easter eggs that have been glued together with a teaspoon of rice inside, and small pieces of wood all make great toys that your rabbit will enjoy tossing around. Some like toys with bells inside that make noise. To keep your pet in good health, let them exercise every day.

Like all rabbits, your Dwarf Hotot should be supervised while exercising. Rabbits are drawn to electrical cords, baseboards, carpet and furniture by their nature. They like to chew and scratch. It is what they do outdoors. If you have a safe pen you can put them in outdoors, let them enjoy a shady spot where they can dig in the dirt a little bit and nibble on the grass. Only do this of course if your lawn is not treated with fertilizers and weed killers.

Spend time to get to know your Dwarf Hotot rabbit. They are really very friendly and thrive on personal contact. Handling them from a young age helps develop their "people skills" and teaches them to trust you. Like any breed, your rabbit will need the occasional toenail trimming and brushing of their coat, especially during molting season. This unique breed may be hard to find, but they are extremely charming and worth the effort.

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