Dwarf Lop Rabbit

There are two breeds of dwarf lop rabbit: the Holland Lop and the American Fuzzy Lop. The two breeds are very similar except the Holland has fur while the Fuzzy has wool. Both breeds are exceptional pets. They are known for their docile personalities and cute appearances.

Pet quality dwarf lop rabbits may come with or without pedigree papers. Buying directly from a breeder is more likely to get you papers if you want them. They can also show you relatives of your new pet so you can get an idea of how large he will become and what he may look like as an adult.

Pet quality lops are healthy specimens of the breed, they just don't fit the breed standard enough to be successful in showing. Perhaps their color is a bit off, or they are a little on the large side.

Some lop rabbits get what they call "airplane" ears, where one or both ears do not lop, but stick straight out to the sides like airplane wings. While this is not a good quality in a show animal, it can make an adorable pet.

Raising these rabbits isn't too much different than any other dwarf rabbit. You want to supply them with quality pellets to eat in small amounts every day. Hay is a good source of fiber that will also give your rabbit something to do.

Like other dwarf rabbits, you should restrict how many pellets your rabbit gets per day so he doesn't get overweight. Dwarf lops may or may not be as energetic as other dwarf breeds. Many are more laid back, but they still appreciate some exercise and interaction.

You can find dwarf lop rabbits in many different colors, though the most common color for Holland lops is tort (brown with darker points on the ears, nose and feet). Fuzzy lops are also available in a wide variety of colors. They will require more care than a Holland due to their fine wool. The wool will need regular brushing to avoid matting.

During hot weather, the rabbit can be shorn with a pair of scissors so they stay cooler. The wool is fairly short, but it can be used in felting projects or spun into yarn. Both breeds need to be checked regularly to keep their nails trimmed. Be sure to check their teeth, too; dwarf rabbits may be prone to malocclusion of the teeth due to the shape of their head.

There is one thing to beware of: keeping dwarf lop rabbits can be addicting. They are so cute and full of personality, it won't be long before you want another, and then another... you may end up showing your rabbits at the local fair or rabbit show and catch the showing bug.

These little guys bring a lot of joy into your life and it is only reasonable for you to want that joy to grow. Many Holland Lop breeders started with just one for a pet. It doesn't catch on with everyone, but don't be surprised if these little rabbits don't steal your heart.

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