Dwarf Rabbit Care

Dwarf rabbit care for the dwarf breeds is similar in many ways to caring for a larger rabbit breed. They need a secure cage to keep them safe from predators, inside and out. They will enjoy some time out with you. They need high quality pellets, hay and occasional greens and a constant supply of fresh water. There are a few things you need to remember with dwarf rabbits, however.

Don't Overfeed Them

Dwarf rabbit care includes measuring their feed. These little guys don't need a full food dish at all times. They have a tendency to keep on eating, whether they need it or not.

Depending on the breed, dwarf breeds range from a full grown size of 2-1/2 pounds to 4-1/2 pounds. It is surprising how quickly a dwarf rabbit can grow considerably larger than is recommended for its breed by overfeeding it.

Just like people, overweight rabbits face many health issues. They get sluggish and may develop digestive problems. If your rabbit has already eaten their allotment of pellets and greens, give them orchard grass or timothy hay. It will provide a lot of fiber that will keep their gut moving properly and prevent many digestive issues.

Some dwarf breeds, like the Dwarf Hotot, are prone to certain problems. The Dwarf Hotot often has jelly-like stools. This means the digestive system is having issues. Take away the other foods and give them nothing but hay for a day or two. Fresh blackberry leaves are also good for resolving gut issues. Chances are the problem will resolve itself and your rabbit can go back to its normal feed. If it persists, take your pet to the veterinarian.

When it comes to choosing fresh greens, stay away from people vegetables as much as possible. Try to choose herb-like plants such as dandelions, plantain, raspberry and blackberry leaves, and other safe plants. Make sure they are not sprayed with any chemicals. These plants are lower in moisture content than zucchini and lettuce. They also contain many nutrients that help rabbits remain healthy.

Dwarf Rabbit Care - Spay or Neuter

If you will not be breeding your rabbit for showing, it is best to get your pet spayed or neutered. Female rabbits are prone to uterine cancer as they get older. Spaying prevents this, giving your rabbit a longer life.

Neutering males can also make them more docile and loving. Be sure to find a vet who is familiar with working with rabbits. They cannot tolerate many of the same anesthetics as dogs and cats. You also need to know that rabbits should not be put on a fast before surgery. This can stop the gut motility and cause more problems than it will prevent.

Dwarf Rabbit Care - Exercise

Let your pet out in a safe area every day to play. Dwarf rabbits are especially active and love to race around the house and leap into the air. Not only is it good for your pet, it is very amusing entertainment for you. You can provide toys for your pet and enjoy their antics with them.

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