Dwarf Rabbits

Dwarf rabbits are popular pets and show animals. There are several different dwarf breeds to choose from; some are easy to find and others are a bit more challenging.

The cute factor is what makes these breeds so popular. They keep the large eyes that we usually associate with baby animals, which makes them very appealing. Dwarf rabbits also are known to be little balls of energy, which gives them a lot of personality.

Dwarf Rabbit in Hutch

The most popular dwarf rabbits are Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex and Holland Lops. Netherlands are known for their tiny ears, large eyes and rounded bodies. They resemble toys.

Netherland Dwarfs mature at a mere 2.5 pounds and come in almost any color a rabbit can be. This wide variety appeals to a lot of people who want them as pets or as show animals.

Netherland Dwarfs have developed a reputation for being nippy and aggressive. This was true of the earlier specimens in the breed, but today, many are gentle and make excellent pets. As years have passed, temperament has been very important in breeding programs so they would also make good pets.

Holland Lops are the tiniest version of lop eared rabbits. They don't get any larger than 4 pounds. Holland Lops also come in many different colors, making them very popular. They are also known for their engaging personalities. Holland Lops are also very popular for showing, especially for kids. So many have been bred for the pet market, however, that you can expect to pay quite a lot for a good quality show rabbit.

Mini Rex are also very popular as pets and for show. Their short rex coat is like velvet. They don't get larger than 4.5 pounds and have very sweet personalities in most cases. The rex coat intensifies the color because the hair shaft is so short, making some of the colors seem to glow. Mini Rex are easy to find and very popular in 4H or for ARBA shows.

Other dwarf rabbits that may be harder to find include the Britannia Petite, the Dwarf Hotot, the Polish, the Mini Satin, the American Fuzzy Lop and the Jersey Wooly. The last two are similar to Netherland Dwarfs and Holland Lops, but they come with short wool. They make wonderful pets and show animals.

The Mini Satin is a brand new breed. They may be very difficult to find as there are only a few breeders in the entire country. The best place to find them is a rabbit show. Often, breeders will bring extra rabbits to the show to sell, so if this is what you want, start monitoring shows in your area. The Mini Satin is a smaller version of the standard Satin rabbit, known for its lustrous fur.

The Britannia Petite, Dwarf Hotot and Polish dwarf rabbits may be difficult to find. Polish are sweet tempered and tiny. In fact, they are usually quite calm. It is thought that the Polish was developed from wild rabbits, so they don't have the same dwarf qualities of a rounded head and tiny ears like Netherland Dwarfs. They are available in several colors and make wonderful pets and show prospects.

The Britannia Petite is a very active rabbit with a powerful personality. This is a rabbit that should be owned by an experienced rabbit person. They are attractive and have several different colors available. They can be a bit nippy and aggressive, rather like the tiny little terriers are in dogs.

The Dwarf Hotot is similar in build to the Netherland Dwarf, but it is all white with colored eyebands. They are full of personality but can be very difficult to find in some parts of the country. They also suffer from occasional intestinal problems, which is why they are recommended for people who are experienced with rabbits. The intestinal problems can be dealt with easily if the owner knows what to look for.

The Tan isn't a real dwarf, but it is still a small breed. With its sleek, shiny fur and outgoing personality, it is a breed that shouldn't be overlooked. They don't get any larger than 5.5 pounds. This is a breed that will keep you hopping. They are known to be escape artists and are very intelligent.

Whatever dwarf breed you choose, get it from a reputable breeder. Pet stores often label a rabbit as dwarf and before you know it you have an 8 pound rabbit on your hands. You'll be more likely to get a healthy specimen from a person who loves their breed of dwarf rabbits.

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