Extra Large Rabbit Cage

When you want to provide your rabbit with as much room as possible with an extra large rabbit cage, you need to start looking at your options. Extra large can mean different things to different rabbits. Obviously some are mature at a very small size. Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops and several other breeds never get bigger than a few pounds.

If you are choosing one of these popular mini breeds, you can provide your bunny with a cage that offers them plenty of room. Many pet supply stores sell cages that are 18 x 40 in size. They provide a roomy place for your bunny to relax. Most of these cages are built with a solid plastic bottom and a wire top. They are easy to clean.

Some even come with a stand to elevate your bunny off of the floor. There are many models to choose from. Some feature a shelf that your rabbit can hop onto when they want a better view.

Look for a cage that has a deep bottom so any bedding you add doesn't get kicked all over the floor. Some also come with built in ramps, spring loaded doors for extra security and antimicrobial treatment on the plastic portions to prevent infection.

If you have a larger pet rabbit like a Rex, a Californian or an angora, they will need an extra large rabbit cage. If you can't find one in a pet store, you may want to try a rabbit supply shop.

You can find them online or in catalogs. They usually have wire cages with wire floors and trays. If this is what you decide to get, you can still provide a spot for your bunny to get off the wire by using a plastic resting pad, a woven seagrass mat or a ceramic tile.

Plastic resting pads can be hooked to the wire floor with little tabs. They have holes for the droppings to fall through and offer nice rounded areas to ease your rabbit's feet.

Seagrass mats are woven out of natural dried seagrass. Your rabbit can rest on it, chew it up and have fun with it. They are inexpensive and easy to replace. A ceramic tile is cooling in the summer. You can get them at your local home improvement store. They are very easy to clean and disinfect.

If all else fails, you can always build your house rabbit a home yourself. All you really need is a diagram, materials and some time. You can easily build a simple cage with some lumber and 14 gauge wire mesh. The floor can be made of wood or wire. If you want a wire bottom, be sure to make plans to add some sort of tray underneath to catch droppings and urine.

Make the door large enough to accommodate your rabbit, your arms and any cleaning supplies you may need to use. If you want to give your rabbit a little house to hide in, it should be able to fit easily through the door.

You can find a lot of free plans online for an extra large rabbit cage to help you design your rabbit's cage if you decide to build it yourself.

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