Extra Large Rabbit Cages

If you enjoy those extra large breeds of rabbits, like Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchillas, French Lops, Checkered Giants, and such, you'll soon get used to the idea of extra large rabbit cages. These breeds can easily reach 15 to 20 pounds. That is a lot of rabbit. When they stretch out, they need a lot of space.

Most commercial cages are not large enough for these breeds so you may need to build your own unless you know of a place that caters to large breeds. Because of their weight, they need extra support along the floor of the cage. This can be done by slats of wood, metal or by having the entire floor be made of slats that are spaced a small distance apart to allow the droppings to fall out. This is a serious consideration, because it may be difficult to find a litter pan these big guys can fit into.

The giant breeds make excellent pets because of their gentle natures and easy-going ways; well, except for the Checkered Giants, who are well known for their attitudes and need for activity. They are better suited to some households than others. Learning ahead of time what kinds of needs they have will make it easier on all of you.

Of course, every rabbit, no matter its size, will appreciate extra large rabbit cages. The one thing to keep in mind is the cage should be easy to clean. If you can't reach every corner, stuff will build up there eventually. You could be faced with piled droppings, urine coating or fur that has been shed.

The way most people who keep the giant breeds get around this is to make cages that are longer than normal cages. This gives the rabbits room to move and stretch, but their owners can still reach all the back corners. These cages usually have several doors so cleaning can be done without too much effort.

Giant breeds are more susceptible to heat than smaller breeds. It is imperative that they have adequate ventilation on hot days as well as a way to cool off. This could be fans, ice bottles or even air conditioners in some places. In these cases, extra large rabbit cages allow the rabbits to really stretch out and relax as they try to keep cool.

If you are keeping one of these large breeds indoors, try making a cage from those panels used to make storage cubes. You can make the cage as large as you want and you can easily step inside to clean it out.

Don't do shelves for them; the larger breeds are not as agile as the smaller breeds and they may end up hurting themselves. Give them a large floor space covered with kitchen vinyl for easy cleaning.

Carpet samples can give them soft places to lie down if they like, but watch them so they don't chew it up. Synthetic fibers are not good for their digestive systems. Indoor extra large rabbit cages like this are easy to adapt to any breed.

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