Extra Large Rabbit Hutch

While any bunny would appreciate an extra large rabbit hutch, if you are planning on getting a large breed rabbit you must have one. Large breeds include Flemish Giants, French Lops, English Lops, Giant Chinchillas and many others that easily reach 12 to 20 pounds at maturity. These large rabbits must have enough room to be happy.

An extra large rabbit hutch will require a few special things that hutches for smaller breeds won't need. Since these breeds can get so large, reinforced floors are a plus. Either use a solid floor and a litter pan to support their weight or put in extra supports every six inches or so to support a wire floor.

Some people even build a slatted floor for these large breeds. A slatted floor is made by using strips of wood about one or two inches wide. Attach them to the cage so there is a three-quarter to an inch space between them for droppings to fall out.

Of course the downfall with these slatted floors is urine will soak into them. Cleaning is extremely important so the cage does not get too much built up.

Large breeds need an extra large rabbit hutch at least 4 feet by 2 feet, but of course larger is even better. They need exercise just like their smaller counterparts, so if you can arrange for the hutch to connect to a run when you can supervise, your rabbit will really appreciate it.

You may need to consider larger feeders for these breeds as their noses are much bigger than those of smaller breeds. Water bottles may need to be refilled more often as your pet drinks more liquid each day.

Large breeds have certain needs as well. While you may opt for a two story hutch for a smaller breed, this is a bad idea for large breeds. They are not quite as nimble as the smaller breeds and they can end up hurting themselves if they have steps or ramps to negotiate.

Cleaning is especially important because as your large rabbit ages, he may not be able to clean himself as well as he used to. Grooming of your rabbit and keeping the hutch spotless is a job that will always need to be done.

If you are planning to raise large breed rabbits, you'll want an even larger cage for does and baby bunnies. Nestboxes will need to be larger as well since those babies will grow fast.

Make sure the hutch has enough room for plenty of hay. Hay is an important part of your rabbit's diet that will keep their digestive tract working properly. Large rabbits will go through a lot more hay and feed than smaller breeds, so be prepared.

Just like any other breed, your large rabbit needs protection. Make sure your extra large rabbit hutch is sturdy and secure.

Place it in a protected spot. Your large breed rabbit will be more susceptible to heat than smaller breeds, and they suffer quite a bit in the heat as it is.

Fans, ventilation and ice bottles are good ways to cool off your large bunny. Do not put a fan in the hutch with your rabbit, but set it up so it moves the air through the cage. Your bunny will appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

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