Free Plans for Rabbit Cages

Free Plans for Rabbit Cages; It is exciting to get a new rabbit! Before you bring one home, however you need to provide a sturdy home that will keep your new pet safe from harm. Rabbits can fall prey to dogs, cats, raccoons, opossums, foxes, weasels and many other animals. Even mice can freak out a rabbit, so keeping them safe is very important.

You can buy a hutch or cage if you wish. Most still need to be put together once you bring them home. The alternative to buying a ready-made cage is to build your own. Rabbit hutches and cages don't need to be fancy, but they do need to be secure.

The Internet can be a source of great information when it comes to building rabbit cages. There are lots of free plans that you can find by doing a simple search for "free rabbit hutch plans" or "free rabbit cage plans." You can find plans for all sorts of cages. Some sit on the ground and others are on legs. The trick is to find a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

Many of the plans you'll find are meant to house more than one rabbit. Each rabbit has his own cage but they can see the others next to them. Of course you can adapt these plans to make a single cage that is larger than the individual cages would have been. Your rabbit will appreciate the extra room, if only to make you try harder to catch him.

You can also find plans for cages that feature a nest area for your rabbit. These enclosed areas give your rabbit a safe place to hide when they feel frightened. They can also be stuffed with hay during extremely cold weather. Your rabbit will burrow in deeply, staying snug and warm while he munches contentedly on his insulating hay. Be sure you make a way for you to access these enclosed areas for cleaning.

You can even find plans for rabbit cages that offer a second story for your rabbit to enjoy or a play yard that lets them run around in the grass. Follow the instructions carefully when you build these types of cages so your pet stays safe and secure.

Rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain and become the targets of many animals that may be wandering through your property. A play yard should have wire on the bottom as well as the sides and top. The top will protect your pet from hawks while the bottom will protect him from animals that may dig underneath the sides to get in. Even with the possible dangers, your rabbit will enjoy running about and nibbling on the grass.

Once you bring your pet home to enjoy his new cage, you'll be proud of what you built. Always be sure to buy quality materials when you build pens for your animals. They will appreciate being kept safe and you'll appreciate the many years you'll get out of the cage. Enjoy the process of building your rabbit's cage. You'll learn a lot of skills through a project like this.

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