Free Plans for Rabbit Hutches

Your pet is due to arrive in a couple of weeks and you still need to build them a hutch. What do you do? You're on a budget, which can sometimes make things challenging. Luckily, there are lots of free plans for rabbit hutches around that you can find.

If you have a book that talks about rabbit care, it may have a plan or two in them for making a rabbit hutch. You can also look in the library for rabbit care books that may have some ideas in them. Look for books about raising rabbits on a farm or homestead, they are more likely to have hutch plans in them that you can copy and use.

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If you can get online, you can easily do a search on your favorite search engine to find free plans for rabbit hutches. There are many different types you may find. Woodworking sites often have a good assortment of both indoor and outdoor hutches that you can build.

State extension service websites may also have several to choose from, though they may tend to have more sheds and barns. Look through their offerings carefully in case they have something you like.

Ask your own local extension service. Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4H programs may have materials that you can use. If you have a state college near you that have agricultural programs, they may also have some information to share with you about raising rabbits. You can use this information whether you plan to raise rabbits for show, meat or just have one for a pet.

Once you have several free plans for rabbit hutches to choose from, you can take a few you like to the local hardware store and take notes on costs of materials. If budget is really important, this step will help you quite a bit. Some items you may need to find at a farm supply store.

Ask questions at the home improvement center or farm supply store. Sometimes the employees can be very helpful about making suggestions for substitutions or for working out an issue that you don't have a lot of experience with.

Once you've narrowed down your choices to the one you want to build, gather your materials and get started. That rabbit will be here before you know it! Don't forget all the other things you'll need like a feed dish, water bottle and anything else you need for your pet.

Follow the instructions on your plans as closely as you can. You want your rabbit to be kept safe from predators, sun, rain, snow and any other danger they may face day or night. If you have more questions that come up during building, you can ask the people at the project desk at your local home improvement center or ask for help on a rabbit forum online.

Once you've built your hutch, stock up on fresh, quality rabbit pellets. You can always give your rabbits some treats occasionally, but these pellets will meet the most important nutrition needs for your rabbit. Fresh pellets should be a nice bright green and smell fresh.

You will find free plans for rabbit hutches at Free Plans.

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