Free Rabbit Cage Plans

Free rabbit cage plans offer many options for caging that will fit your needs and budget.

Your rabbits are due to arrive soon and you need to provide them with cages. What should you do? Well, you could run down to the pet store and shell out a large quantity of money and get whatever they happen to stock. But those cages may not provide the protection that you want for your new pets.

The alternative is to build your own rabbit cages. This is not as hard as it sounds. Depending on where you plan to keep your rabbits, you will need either a wire cage or a more substantial hutch. Look for free rabbit cage plans that offer your rabbit the protection they need with room to move around. I list some of the best free rabbit cage plans here.

If your pets will be living in an outdoor shelter of some kind, like a shed, garage or barn, wire cages may work for you. They can be hung from the rafters or stacked with trays in between to catch the droppings. You could also set cages with trays in them on shelving attached to the walls.

If your rabbits will be outdoors, they will need a hutch. A hutch provides a waterproof roof, covered shelter and an open area where your rabbits can get fresh air.

You can make them with solid floors or wire floors. Wire flooring allows droppings to fall out into a tray or to the ground. You don't need to worry so much about droppings building up. Solid floors are nice, but necessitate the use of litter pans. You must be vigilant that your pets are not urinating on the floor and keep the cage clean at all times.

Once you know where your pets will live, you can focus on free rabbit cage plans that are suitable for your rabbits' place of residence. If you have a large barn, you may even want to give them the run of a horse stall. Just close off any open areas with wire so predators can't get into the stall. Any rabbit would love this kind of situation, as it gives them a lot of room for exercise.

Compare the plans that are similar to what you want. Take the materials lists to your local home improvement store. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the staff. Many stores like this have project desks where you can ask advice. They may be able to help you decide between a couple of plans.

When you get your materials home, follow the instructions on the plan you've chosen. Before you know it, you'll have a terrific cage for your new pet. Sure, the materials cost money. At least the free rabbit cage plans didn't cost anything. Your pet won't care how much you spent, but he will be delighted with the roomy cage that keeps him safe.

Set up the food and water in the cage before you go pick up your rabbit. Once you introduce him to his new home, let him settle in for a few days before you remove him. You can offer him treats like hay stuffed cardboard tubes or half a carrot to help him get used to his new home.

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