French Lop Rabbits
King of the Fancy

French Lop rabbits are the largest of the lop breeds. It is thought that the breed was first developed in France in 1853, by crossing a Flemish Giant, a Normandy Giant and an English Lop.

The French Lop's development was perfected by breeders in Germany. This breed is very popular in Germany to this day. This breed enjoys many fans throughout Europe, China and the United States, where its national breed club proclaims it to be the "King of the Fancy."

The French Lop is known for its laidback, endearing personality. They generally thrive on attention and love to play. They make fun pets because they are gentle and interesting. Even though they are large, this breed is pretty easy to handle. They are less demanding than a dog and make a much quieter pet.

French Lop rabbits are known for their massive bone structure. They also have a slightly longer coat than other lop breeds. In fact, some even have little "skirts" around their bottoms from this longer fur. This trait may be called bloomers, dust ruffles or trousers. They have ears that hang close to the head. While their ears are not as long as those found on English lops, they are a feature that help make them appealing.

French lops come in many solid colors. You can also find those same colors in a broken pattern. In judging, all solid colors are judged together and all broken colors are judged together. They weigh more than 10 pounds at maturity.

Since French Lop rabbits are a larger breed, it is best not to breed them until they are at least 9 months old. This can make it a little tricky, since most breeders believe that a doe should have her first litter before she is a year old so her pelvis remains flexible for birthing. Some breeders believe a doe should not have any more litters once she reaches the age of 3 years. Litters range from 5 to 12 kits.

French lops make great indoor pets, but they also do well outdoors. As long as they are protected from predators, heat, rain and wind, they do very well. Being a large rabbit, they are very prone to overheating, so make sure you can keep them cool during hot summer weather.

French lops eat the same foods as other rabbit breeds. Lots of hay, a good rabbit pellet feed and occasional treats from the garden do well with them. Watch their droppings to detect health issues. Diarrhea is a sign of problems, as are "string of pearls" droppings where the droppings are strung together with digested fur.

You can see French Lop rabbits at rabbit shows all over the country. If this breed interests you, attend a few shows and talk to the breeders. They will be able to tell you a lot about the breed and how best to care for it. You may even find a new friend who can help you choose the right one for you.

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