Heated Water Bottles for Rabbits

No one likes to thaw out frozen water bottles in the winter cold. Your rabbits get thirsty while the bottles thaw and your fingers freeze while you're dealing with them. If only there were an alternative that would make winter easier...but wait, there is.

Did you know they have heated water bottles for rabbits now? Farm Innovators Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits It's true. Each bottle comes equipped with a small heating element and a cord to plug in.

They only turn on when necessary to keep the water from freezing, so you can use the same bottle all year long. Rabbit fanciers who have used them say that they really do keep the water liquid, even in subzero temperatures.

The metal nipple may require your rabbit to learn how to access the water if he didn't grow up with this type of water bottle.

Most rabbits will learn quickly, though some may take awhile or ignore it completely. If this happens with your rabbit, keep a close eye on him and provide an alternate source of water periodically so he doesn't get dehydrated.

Many customers say that the cords can be too short on these heated water bottles, so look for some with longer cords if you can find them. Most rabbit cages and hutches are not located within a couple feet from an electrical outlet.

Most of these bottles are built with a flip top lid for easy filling, which makes your job even easier. The bottles are usually of a generous size, so single pets will have plenty of water available to them until you refill it.

If you have several rabbits that are hutch-mates, you may need more than one bottle to provide enough water.

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