Hispid Hare
Worlds Rarest Animal

The Hispid Hare is actually part of the rabbit family. This rare mammal ranges along the base of the Himalayan Mountains in India and Nepal. They are thought to be extinct in Bangladesh. Only a little over 100 animals are believed to exist. Today, they are listed as one of the rarest animals in the world.

The Hispid Hare has fallen prey to changes in its environment due to human settlement and cultivation as well as predation by dogs. These rabbits are described as slow moving, so they must rely on hiding to survive.

Also known as the "bristly rabbit," the Hispid has coarse, dark brown fur, short ears and weighs around five pounds. The bristly fur is the outer layer; underneath is a shorter, finer coat. They have a pointed face, making them appear like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse.

These rabbits live in grasslands. When these areas are burned early in the year, the rabbits move to nearby fields. During the rainy season, they move to the foothills that offer more protection from the wet.

They nest above ground in thick vegetation or in burrows left by other animals. They primarily eat roots and young shoots of thatch and other grasses.

Wild Hispids that have been caught don't survive in captivity. They have been known to injure themselves so severely in escape attempts that they die.

Due to their rarity, little is known about their reproductive habits except that pregnancy lasts somewhere between 25 and 50 days, resulting in a litter that can number up to 15 kits.

The Hispid Hare is usually considered solitary, though it has been noted that sometimes two rabbits will remain together. They are most active at night.

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