Home Made Rabbit Hutch

If you want to make your home made rabbit hutch, it is not only possible, you can do a great job! Making a hutch isn't too difficult. There are many detailed plans available for free online that you can choose from. You can also design your own if you are so inclined.

The most important part of making your own home made rabbit hutch is sturdiness. The hutch needs to be able to keep your rabbit safe from weather and predators.

You'll probably want to include an overhanging roof to keep rain and sun off of your rabbit. Rabbits don't do well in hot temperatures or if they get soaked. An overhanging roof will also keep the rabbit pellets dry in wet weather.

Most outdoor hutches are set up on legs to keep the rabbit off of the ground. This lets the droppings fall out of the cage onto the ground below, keeping your rabbit's cage mostly clean. Rabbits can also pick up parasites and illnesses from the ground.

They also tend to want to dig. If you put them on the ground without wire to stop them, they will soon dig a very nice burrow that will lead them out of the safety of their hutch.

When you build your home made rabbit hutch, get good lumber, strong wood screws and heavy duty 14 gauge wire mesh. These materials will allow a good air flow as well as protecting your pet from wandering dogs, weasels, raccoons and more.

You'll probably want at least two walls of your hutch to be solid plywood to keep out wind and rain. This also gives your rabbit a sense of security to have something solid to huddle against.

Wire flooring allows droppings to fall out when your rabbit relieves himself. A weekly brushing with a wire brush will remove any stray droppings that have accumulated.

The door should be securely attached with good hinges and a solid latch. Some predators are extremely clever at manipulating latches, so you need a good one if the cage is within reach. Make the door large enough to easily reach in for cleaning the cage and catching the rabbit.

Once your hutch is built you can add in toys, a place for treats and something for your rabbit to hide in. Rabbits enjoy a private place where they feel secure. This can be a wooden box, a plastic house or even a bucket lay on its side. Small rabbits can fit inside large PVC pipes. These kinds of hiding places will give your rabbit a secure place to sleep or hide when they are frightened.

Once your home made rabbit hutch is built, you need to find the perfect place for it. A protected place is perfect. If you have a spot under a tree that offers shade or a protected nook near your house, your rabbit will be very comfortable.

If you want to let your rabbit roam a bit on nice days, you can use a puppy pen set on the lawn. To keep your rabbit from digging holes, lay down some chicken wire on the ground before putting the puppy pen out. Keep your pet in a shady spot so they don't get overheated.

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