Wooden Rabbit Condos

If you really want to spoil your pet rabbit, you can build large homemade wooden rabbit condos. These work best outdoors unless you have the space to house it inside. Outdoors makes it easier to clean, however. Choose a space large enough for your condo to sit.

Frame the Bottom with 2 by 2 Lumber

You can put a wooden floor in it if you wish, or cover the bottom with 14 gauge wire. The wire will be covered by grass or bedding, so it won't hurt your rabbit's feet. It does keep them from digging out and predators from digging in. If you let the grass grow through it, your pet will have fresh greens to nibble whenever they want.

Frame the walls.

How many floors do you want in your bunny condo? Frame another floor just like the bottom for each additional level. Add a few pieces of wood across it for added support. Put a plywood floor on top of each additional level, cutting a hole for your rabbit to use when climbing up to the next level. Make ramps from wood with wire or wooden struts added for traction. Attach the ramps at an easy angle so your pet can climb up with no problems.

You can enclose part of the second level of your homemade wooden rabbit condos with wood to create a safe spot for your pet to hide in during inclement weather or if they want privacy. The bottom level can be walled in with 14 gauge wire mesh. This lets your pet look outside while remaining safely inside. It also keeps wooden walls from soaking up moisture from the ground, which can lessen the lifespan of your condo.

Add a door on each level

Add a door on each level so you can clean out any debris as needed. Put a solid roof on the condo and cover it with appropriate waterproof materials. Roofing shingles work great. With a little imagination, you can make the entire condo look like a little barn or any other design you want. Paint the outside as you wish.

Upper levels

Upper levels can be filled with soft bedding to absorb any urine or moisture that gets in the condo. You may want to try a litter pan to see if your pet likes to use one. Check which corner your pet likes to use to relieve themselves and put the pan in that corner. Fill it with absorbent bedding and change it frequently. This will help your pet to keep the rest of his condo much cleaner, making his home nicer and your job easier.

A solid condo like this can provide safe, warm housing year round for your pet. You can make it the size you need. If you have two bonded rabbits, it is easy to build the condo large enough to accommodate both rabbits.

Try to place your homemade wooden rabbit condos in a place that will provide enough shade during the hottest days of the summer. Another choice might be to grow edible plants around the condo. The bunnies can safely nibble them and they will help keep the condo cool during hot weather.

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