House Rabbit Cages

When you have a house rabbit, you have many choices to provide your pet with a safe cage. Rabbits need cages even if they get lots of time to run through the house. It provides a rabbit with a safe nest in which to reside when they are frightened, stressed or tired. It also allows you to secure your pet when you have guests or you cannot supervise your pet's activities.

Your house rabbit can be litter box trained. This makes cleaning much easier. It also opens up your options. Instead of needing a wire floor to keep the cage clean, you can use a solid floor if you wish when your rabbit has a litter pan.

Any cage that you choose should be easily accessible for both you and the rabbit. You'll need to access the cage for cleaning and feeding. The rabbit should be able to exit and enter at will when you are available to supervise. The door should be large enough that the litter pan passes through easily.

When you choose a cage, think about how much effort will be required to keep it clean. Is there a pan underneath a wire floor that needs to slide in and out? Are there corners that are hard for you to reach? Does the it open up easily? The easier it is to clean, the more likely cleaning will be a pleasant chore instead of one you dread.

Does it fit in your space? No matter how large our own houses are, space always seems to be at a premium. You want one large enough for your rabbit to be comfortable in while you are working or otherwise engaged. Where will you put it? Like other pets, your rabbit will enjoy being in the thick of things once they get to know everyone.

Does it fit in your budget? While buying one is convenient, your wallet may not appreciate its cost. If this is the case, you have another option. You can always build your own. While you may associate building your pet a cage more with outdoor pets, your indoor pet will appreciate your efforts just as much.

A homemade cage can be as large as you can accommodate. Make it out of lumber and wire if you wish. You can also make extra large cages out of those storage cube panels. They fit together to make almost any shape you can imagine. To make clean up easier, lay down some vinyl flooring on the bottom. If you have the space, this type offers your pet an amazing amount of room.

You can find plenty of free plans online to help you design your house rabbit cages. If you don't have any carpentry experience, ask around to see if any of your family or friends can help you out. Making rabbit cages isn't rocket science. It can also be a lot of fun to make something special for your pet.

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