How to Build
an Outdoor Rabbit Cage

Building an outdoor rabbit cage isn't too difficult. Before you begin you must decide what kind of cage you want. Do you want a traditional hutch made of wood and wire or are you more interested in a wire cage that can be mounted in a shed or other protected spot?

If you just want to build a cage, choose some nice heavy duty welded 14 gauge wire mesh. The sides and top of the cage can be 1 inch by 2 inch mesh. The floor needs to be smaller, so find some ½ inch by 1 inch mesh. This is large enough for droppings to fall through but small enough to be more comfortable for your rabbit's feet.

Cut the wire to the sizes you need for the cage. For example, if you are building a cage that is 30 x 36 x 24, the walls should be 24 inches high. The front and back would be 36 inches long and the sides would be 30 inches long. The ceiling would be 30 x 36 inches. The floor would measure the same as the ceiling.

Put the pieces together using J clips or hog rings. There are special pliers available to clip them together. You'll want to cut a door in the front. The door you put over this opening should overlap the wall on all sides except where it is hinged to the front. You can just use your clips as hinges. You will need to get a latch to keep the door closed. Wire latches are available at rabbit supply companies.

Cut a spot for your feeder and install it. You can now hang this cage from a frame in a shed or RV tent. Another option is to stack it on another cage with a tray between them to catch the droppings.

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