How to Build an
Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

There are certain requirements when you build an outdoor rabbit hutch that indoor hutches don't need. While your rabbit will enjoy the fresh air and scents that float on the breeze, outdoor rabbits need to be protected from many things. The outdoor hutch is built to do just that.

Building your own hutch probably won't be a lot cheaper than buying one ready to use, but you have the option of building it the way you want. You can make it decorative or not. You can add a second story for your rabbit to explore if you wish. You can even make it match your house.

Before you worry about the cosmetic features, however you need to find some plans to help you create your rabbit's new hutch. There are many free plans online if you do a search. You need to look for a hutch that will provide your rabbit with enough room to relax and play.

You also need to look for a sturdy, waterproof roof. Your hutch will need a nice large door that provides easy access for cleaning. It will also need to provide protection from predators and weather.

Before you build an outdoor rabbit hutch, print out your plan and gather your materials. If you need advice on anything, ask someone at the project desk at your local home improvement store. They may be able to help you figure out any parts that you're not sure about.

Lay out your materials. As you follow the instructions for the plan, be sure to measure carefully before you do any cutting. Use wood screws to put the frame together. Attach the 14 gauge wire mesh wherever you need an open area. You can use staples or make a frame from trim to keep the wire secure. Place any solid walls on the frame and secure them with screws.

Secure the door with strong hinges and a sturdy latch. You don't want your rabbit to be able to escape or other animals to get in. Add the roof. Follow all the directions for applying whatever roofing materials you decide to use. It is important to keep the hutch waterproof. You can choose to use corrugated tin or fiberglass, asphalt shingles or any other waterproof materials.

Once you build an outdoor rabbit hutch, you'll need to find a good place for it. A shady spot out of the wind is always a good choice. You need to keep your rabbit out of the hot sun in the summer. Being in direct wind can also cause your rabbit problems.

Now comes the fun part when you build an outdoor rabbit hutch. Decorate your hutch the way you see fit. You can paint the outside to match your house or a shed in the yard. You can put siding on it if you like.

Keep the inside simple so your pet can enjoy his space and the toys that you put inside for him. Leftover wood scraps will make wonderful chew toys for your rabbit as long as they are not painted or treated.

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