How to Build Rabbit Cages

How to build rabbit cages? Building rabbit cages isn't too difficult, but it does take practice. Whether you're building one cage or fifty, the steps are the same. First, determine how many cages you need to make and how large each cage needs to be. Buck cages can be smaller than cages where you will house does with litters or grow out cages for older youngsters.

Once you've determined your needs, order your wire. You need 14 gauge woven wire mesh. The bottom needs to be 1 inch by ½ inch weave. This makes a more solid floor for your rabbits' feet. If you're going to raise bunnies, you can avoid the cost of baby saver wire and just fold up some of the floor to make the bottom portion of the walls safe for the young bunnies. Walls and ceiling can be the less expensive 1 inch by 2 inch woven mesh.

When you are planning the layout of each cage, consider what the best layout will be for the front of the cage. This is where you'll have your door, feeder and watering bottle or system. You may also have a hayrack or a place for an ID card for each rabbit. Try some different diagrams before you actually start cutting parts out of your wire.

Gather your tools. You'll need hog rings, a hog ring pliers, door latches, feeders and anything else you deem important for your rabbit's cage. Cut out the pieces you need from your wire. Lay out the floor wire and bend up the sides if the cage will be holding babies. If not, you can skip that step.

The floor wire should have the ½ inch side facing up, into the cage. This makes the floor easier on your rabbit's paws. Lay out the corresponding walls and start connecting them to the floor with hog rings. Don't be stingy with the rings; it is better to use more than less.

To use your hog ring pliers, lay an unused ring inside the mouth of the pliers. The pliers are shaped to hold them securely. Slip the ring around the two pieces of wire you are connecting and squeeze. The pliers close the ring into a tight connection. If you put one in the wrong place, just cut it off with your wire cutters. Connect the walls together at the corners with more hog rings. Attach the ceiling to the top all the way around with more hog rings.

Now it is time to cut your door. Do this carefully; once you cut, you can't go back. Make the door large enough to be able to reach all corners of the cage easily. The door that attaches should be cut slightly larger than the hole you just cut. You can make the edges of the hole safer by putting on plastic edging that covers the sharp places where the wire was cut.

Use hog rings as hinges to connect the door to the cage and use them to connect the door latch in place so it hooks securely to the front wall of the cage.

Cut a space for the feeder to fit in place if you use a J feeder that can be filled from the outside.

Many of the online plans give instructions telling how to build rabbit cages.

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