How to Build
Your Own Rabbit Cage

If you want to build your own rabbit cage, don't be afraid to give it a try. It really is not difficult at all. Wire rabbit cages are super simple to build. Be sure you get enough 14 gauge woven wire to build the number of cages you need.

You'll also need a pair of wire cutters, some hog rings and hog ring pliers (or you can use J clips and J clip pliers), and a measuring tape. Don't forget a clasp to fasten the door when you are done.

Before you order your wire, you need to decide how large your cages will be. You'll want to offer your rabbit at least one square foot for every pound of body weight. Be sure you know how large he will be when he's grown if you have a young bunny.

You also want to make sure the cage isn't so large that you can't clean it easily. If there is a back corner you can't reach, you can rest assured this is where your bunny will choose to do his business and you'll end up with a mountain of droppings.

Order enough 1 x 2 wire mesh for the top and sides of your cage. You'll want 1 x ½ inch wire for the floor. Cut your wire to the appropriate sizes needed for your cage. Depending on where you get your wire, you may be able to get it pre-cut. Use the hog rings in the hog rings pliers to attach each piece together. It may help to lay the pieces out so you know what edge should be attached where.

When you have your cage assembled, cut the door. Make sure it is large enough for you to easily reach in for cleaning and picking up your rabbit. Attach your door piece (should be slightly larger than the hole you cut) with hog rings as the hinges. Attach the clasp and you have yourself a rabbit cage.

Donald Stuart suggests you can build your own rabbit cage using these Plans for Building Rabbit Cages

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