How to Make
an Outdoor Rabbit Cage

An outdoor rabbit cage needs to protect your rabbit from all weather extremes. Your rabbit can handle cold better than heat, so make sure the cage offers enough protection from the summer sun. You can also help the situation in the summer by positioning the cage so it is in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Lots of open walls made of heavy wire mesh will allow good air flow.

During the rainy season, the cage must protect the rabbit from getting wet. Since wind and rain often come together, you'll want to make sure that the rabbit has a dry place they can shelter from these weather conditions. You can build your cage so there are several solid sides to it or you can enclose one portion.

Another alternative is to put in a wooden or plastic box with an entrance cut in it for your rabbit to seek shelter in. Your rabbit will appreciate these considerations for their comfort. A slanted roof will also help keep the rain out. Make sure the edges hang far enough over the cage that dripping rainwater cannot get in the cage or wet the feed.

To keep the rain from soaking through the roof, use a material that is water proof. You may choose roofing shingles, corrugated fiberglass or tin.

In snowy weather your rabbit will appreciate an enclosed place all the more. Fill the cage with lots of straw or hay for your rabbit to burrow in. Solid walls will help the material to stay in the cage.

When we are shivering from the cold, most rabbits are still very comfortable due to their nice coat of fur, so don't gauge their comfort level by your own. If you live in a snowy area, build your outdoor rabbit cage with a slanted roof so snow can slide off.

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