Rabbit Hutch Plans
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Looking for rabbit hutch plans? Are you getting a new rabbit? The first step is preparing for his arrival. This means you need to provide your new pet with a proper rabbit hutch. If you have decided to build your own, congratulations! You'll have the opportunity to do something special for your pet that you can take pride in.

Your first stop will be the Internet to browse all the free plans available for building rabbit hutches. There are several to choose from! Before you begin, will your rabbit live indoors or out? Rabbits thrive in either place; in fact, they handle cold weather better than heat, so many prefer the fresh air to living indoors all the time.

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Next, assess your building ability. Have you used power tools before? Do you know how to use a square to make the frame straight? If not, you may want to opt for a wire cage.

They are simple to put together. You can put them in a garage, a shed or an RV tent. They can be set up on a back deck or under an arbor that offers a roof. Wire cages can be ordered in pieces from many rabbit supply companies or you can purchase heavy duty 14 gauge wire mesh at your local farm store.

Even if power tools aren't your forte, you can probably manage to make a decent frame to hold your wire cage out of some 2 x 4s and a sloping plywood top. You can cover the top with roofing materials, corrugated tin or a heavy duty tarp in the winter.

If you do have experience with tools or know someone who does who can help, you may want to look at some of the more elaborate hutches. Choose one that gives your rabbit plenty of space. Don't worry about building more than one space. Your rabbit is fine with one large room.

If you do choose one with an enclosed area, be sure you can access both areas easily for cleaning.

Choose a hutch that offers a protection from the weather for your rabbit. It should have a slanted roof that projects out far enough to keep rain out of their cage. If you live in a place with lots of snow, make sure the roof is sturdy enough to handle it.

Is the cage designed so you can easily reach all corners for thorough cleaning? Any cage that contains wood will need to be disinfected on a regular basis. How large is the door? You will find out that larger doors are preferable to small doors. Think of your own comfort here. Can you easily fit through to catch your pet when you need to? If you're not sure, measure out the size of door the plan describes and draw it on a large piece of paper so you can see it firsthand.

Once you've chosen the rabbit hutch plans you like best that fit your location, you're ready to print out the plan and head to the hardware store. Good luck with your new pet!

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