how to prevent newborn rabbits from dying

by bob saget

Our female rabbit has had two litters of babies and both times they died. What can we do to prevent this?

What do you provide for the doe before she gives birth? What breed are your rabbits? What is the environment like in your rabbitry?

If they are dwarf rabbits and each parent passes on the dwarf gene to the babies you get what is termed double dwarf kits, and the babies are called "peanuts". They almost always (very rare exceptions) die within 3 days or less. Peanuts are smaller than normal, about half the size.

I have had one of my new Neatherland Dwarf does produce 2 litters in a row with 100% fatality. Very discouraging.

But think about what your rabbits need. Proper nutrition, fresh water, shelter from the elements, and clean air to breath.

I am a smoker. I found that by NOT smoking in the rabbitry most of my kits survive. In fact, I have had very few die in the nestbox since changing their environment. A hard lesson learned.

So, is there something you can do to improve what you do to provide for the needs of your babies.

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