How to Winterize a Rabbit Hutch

If your rabbit hutches are located outdoors and you're being hit with the coldest winter you can remember you may be worried about your pets. Never fear... there is a lot you can do to keep them warm. If they are located outside without any other shelter than their hutch try some of these suggestions.

Wrap the hutch in a tarp and secure it down with heavy duty staples. Be sure to leave one side open so your rabbit gets fresh air. You don't want your rabbit to suffocate due to oxygen deprivation.

This helps cut the wind even on hutches with open sides. The tarp keeps out most of the wetness. If you are being covered in snow, the tarp will provide a slick surface so you can easily push the snow off the roof of the hutch.

Fill the hutch with straw or hay. Your rabbit can burrow into it to keep warm. Rabbits tolerate cold weather much better than hot weather, so being able to burrow into some straw will usually be sufficient for most rabbits to pass the winter comfortably. Check it frequently to remove any soiled material and add fresh hay or straw as needed.

Frozen water bottles will be your most pressing concern. Get extra bottles so you can trade them out. Bring the frozen ones into the house and replace it with a fresh one filled with water. Check it periodically throughout the day and keep trading new bottles as needed. In order to do this easily, make sure you have a good path worn through the snow to your hutches so you can feed and water your bunnies easily.

Give them a little extra feed. Keeping warm uses energy, so a little extra food will be appreciated by your rabbit. Watch their behavior and see if they seem to be hungrier than usual. Top up their feed with a little sweet feed or oatmeal to tempt them if necessary. Don't overdo it or they may just dig out their pellets in favor of the treats.

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