Indoor Rabbit Cages

Rabbits make excellent indoor pets. They are small, friendly and are easy to litter box train. Indoor rabbits should also have a cage. Indoor rabbit cages allow your pet to have a place all their own that they can feel safe in. It also allows you to have a safe place for them when you can't supervise them.

Rabbits are notorious for chewing on electrical cords, baseboards and furniture. They can dig at the carpet and cause damage. This is normal rabbit behavior. They cannot be trained to leave these things alone. Electrical cords are like roots or vines. The carpet is like dirt outdoors. They can't help themselves.

Indoor rabbit cages are the answer. Any time you cannot be with your bunny, he can be safely tucked into his haven.

Indoor cages can be large or small. If your bunny spends more time inside than outside, such as when you are at school or work, a larger cage would be ideal.

You can find large cages on legs, on casters or that sit on the floor. Some even have more than one level so your bunny can have fun while you're away.

Indoor rabbit cages should have room for any accessories you want to place inside them. If you want your rabbit to use a litter pan, there must be room for it as well as the rabbit. Many indoor cages have trays to catch rabbit droppings if you don't want to use a litter pan. Others have a large plastic bottom that will hold bedding if you don't want one with a wire floor. Either way works. Choose the style you find easiest to clean and work with.

If you have a lot of space in your house, you can get a large cage that is on a single level. You want your rabbit to have room to do a bit of exercise when they feel like it. Perhaps you have some toys you want to place inside for your rabbit's amusement. Just be sure it is small enough that you can easily reach all corners for cleaning.

Multilevel cages are lots of fun for rabbits. Ramps will lead them from one floor to the next. Each floor offers the bunny a new perspective on their surroundings. Don't be surprised if you come in one day and they are at your eye level!

Some people also place a 2 x 4 board in the middle of the floor of a rabbit cage. The rabbit must hop over it to get from one side to the other. This is a great way to encourage your rabbit to get more active, especially if they are a bit overweight. Place the food on one side of the board and water on the other so they must move from one side to the other.

Indoor rabbit cages will give your rabbit a safe home. While it doesn't have to protect them from the elements, it does give them a place where they feel safe and can keep their food and water. If you have a dog or cat, the rabbit will feel safer inside when they are around nine times out of ten.

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