Indoor Rabbit Hutch

If you want your rabbit to live in the house with you, there are many choices you can make about what kind of hutch you need. Every indoor rabbit hutch has a few things in common: they keep your rabbit secure when you can't supervise them; they give you a good place to keep Cottontail's food and water; and they provide space for a litter pan or other bathroom facilities for your rabbit.

The standard indoor rabbit hutch features a plastic bottom and a wire top. These hutches are easy to keep clean and keep your pet safe when you are at work or school. Some offer a resting shelf a little higher up that your rabbit can use to watch the world go by. Some sit on the floor. Others are on legs that may or may not have wheels.

Some people choose to use a standard wire cage with a tray to house their rabbit when he isn't running around the house. These wire cages are made of durable 14 gauge wire and feature a built in tray underneath the wire floor to catch urine and droppings. These cages are pretty easy to keep clean and your rabbit is safe inside them. They can be set on the floor, on a table or set up on short legs.

Some people have more room to spare and build their rabbit a large cage out of those metal storage cube pieces. Doing this gives your rabbit a very large place to run around in, even when you can't play with them. They can make hiding places, climbing areas and all sorts of imaginative areas the rabbit will enjoy. These cages are not as easy to keep clean and will require more work on your part, though your rabbit will love it if you have the space.

You can also get some very fancy large cages if you have no spending limit. There are cages for your rabbit that are designed to look like fine furniture on the outside while providing a nice roomy home for your rabbit on the inside. The exterior is made of walnut or cherry wood and polished to a high luster.

An indoor rabbit hutch is a necessity even if your rabbit is allowed to roam a lot. Rabbits tend to chew and dig. When they are inside the house, they exhibit the same behavior. Instead of roots and grasses, they chew on your furniture and electrical cords. This poses a real threat to them due to toxins in furniture finishes, hardwoods that may contain compounds toxic to them and electrocution from cords.

They may dig at your carpet in an attempt to make a burrow. This is normal rabbit behavior... it just isn't appropriate in the house. When you are supervising, you can distract them from such behavior.

Since you can't supervise them 24 hours per day, the indoor rabbit hutch becomes a safe place for them to be when you need to go shopping, to work or to school. You can provide them with toys and other items of interest inside their hutch when they cannot come out and play.

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