Is a Rabbit Cage
Good for Two Cavies?

The answer to this question would depend on many things. How big is the rabbit cage? If it is a large cage, perhaps 30 x 36 inches in size, then it would probably be large enough to house two cavies with plenty of room. There is another issue that would need to be addressed before cavies could live in a rabbit cage, however.

Most rabbit cages have wire floors. While this is fine for rabbits, who have large feet, cavies must have a smooth floor with bedding. Have you ever looked at the feet on a cavy? They are very tiny with long toes. Feet like this do not do well on wire floors. Toes can be broken by the animal tripping over the wires or if their little feet fall through.

If it is a rabbit cage with a wooden or plastic floor, it would work out fine. Just cover the floor with some small animal bedding like kiln-dried pine shavings, CareFresh or cob litter. The cavies need something absorbent. Cavies love having room to run around, so the larger cage you have, the better.

If all you have is a cage floor with rabbit cage wire mesh, there are ways to adapt it for cavies. Get some vinyl flooring like you may have in your kitchen or bathroom and put it over the wire floor. Cut the vinyl so it can go up the side of the cage a couple of inches. This will help hold the bedding in place.

This will make the cage safe for your cavies to enjoy. Sometimes you can get samples or remnants for very little money at home improvement stores. It never hurts to ask. Once you have the wire covered, add your bedding and you'll be ready to introduce your guinea pigs to their new home.

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