My Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, the one my grandson named Jessie, had her first litter May 23, 2012. When I found the litter she had 2 kits in her nestbox. One of them was dead, so I removed it and some small amount of afterbirth. A few hours later she gave birth to another, making 2 live kits.

At two weeks I took a few pictures of Ruby-Eyed White babies; I can't tell them apart. Here are 3 photos of the these Kits.

Ruby-Eyed White Baby Rabbits

Another Photo of Ruby-Eyed White Baby Rabbits

A Third Photo of  Ruby-Eyed White Baby Rabbits

And yes, I did warm the towel before placing these bunnies on it.

I will update with more info and photos about every two weeks.

At 4 weeks they are a tight fit in this food bowl, but they like cuddling up together. And I can tell them apart now; one is a bit larger than the other.

2 white rabbits in food dish

At 5 weeks one of the kits gets on top of mama occasionally, even lies down to sleep on her. The larger one is eating pelleted feed now and they both enjoy a treat of hay when they get it.

They also drink from the water bottles now.

On June 22, Jessie was bred again.

Kits lying on mama

5 week old bunnies drinking from water bottles

They are 6 weeks old now. I gave them a brown paper bag last night. It kept the mother and both kits busy for hours. This morning you can see that they (mostly mother) have torn it apart.

6 week old white bunnies with brown bag

The kids named the larger of the babies Avalanche, and I weaned him at 7 weeks old. They named the other Snowflake and he was weaned at 8 weeks. Each has his own cage now.

On 7-21, Avalanche weighs 1lb 7oz. Growing fast. Snow flake weighs 1lb 4 oz.

Jessie had her second litter on July 24th. There are 2 kits and both appear normal, one much more active than the other. These have dark skin, almost black, so they will probably be either black or black otter when they mature.

July 26, one of the kits died. It probably just wasn't strong enough to survive. The other still appears strong.


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