Large Rabbit Cage

No matter what size your rabbit is, he will appreciate a large cage. A large rabbit cage offers more room for your pet to play and relax in. They offer room for more toys. A large cage is like living in a large 4 bedroom home instead of a studio apartment. What would you rather have?

You can find a large rabbit cage in pet stores or you can build one yourself. It is entirely up to you and your resources.

Ideally, you want to find a cage that provides at least one square foot per pound of your fully grown bunny. This is a typical way to figure out how large a cage you need. For example, using this formula, a Netherland Dwarf would not need a cage as large as a New Zealand.

That being said, rabbits of all sizes appreciate a large rabbit cage. They have more room to hop about and binky when they are not playing with you. They have room for a litter pan if you choose to use one. They also have more room for toys or a hideout. For large rabbits, you should keep their cage on a single level.

Smaller rabbits, however have the benefit of being more agile. You can buy or build them a multilevel bunny condo with ramps leading from the bottom to the next floor.

If you have a large room in your home or perhaps an empty stall in a barn, you can make it secure and let your rabbit have the run of it. It can be lots of fun to watch a rabbit enjoy so much freedom in a safe environment. Hay can be hung where he can pull on it or put in a corner in a bin.

If you are using a stall, watch out for dirt floors. Rabbits do like to dig, and while some won't dig deep enough to escape others will welcome the chance to dig into the next county. If you have a digger, you can lay down wire and cover it with bedding. Cages this large are easy to clean because you can just step inside and clean as needed.

A traditional cage that has been made larger than is easily cleaned can be a real challenge for you. No matter what you do, the rabbit will choose to make the biggest mess in the corner you can't reach. This would result in an unhealthy situation for your rabbit as well as eventually harm the cage itself.

When you are planning on a large rabbit cage, keep all of these things in mind. If you are buying one, open the door and see how easy it is for you to reach all areas for cleaning.

Think about how much time you will spend playing with your rabbit outside of his cage. If a rabbit gets daily exercise outside of his cage for large blocks of time, he probably won't mind a smaller cage when he is confined. Only consider this if he truly will get daily exercise.

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