Large Rabbit Hutch

Every rabbit will appreciate a large rabbit hutch. Rabbits love to have room to play and move around. They can be very active when given the chance. When rabbits are happy and active they will roll around, hop all over and "binky"... this is when they kick their heels up in the air. If you haven't seen a rabbit do this, you're missing out!

Housing your rabbit in a large hutch will help them stay healthy and active. Large hutches can be found that give plenty of floor space, even after you've put in a litter box and some toys. Many of these large hutches can be placed either indoors or out, according to your needs.

When choosing a large rabbit hutch, look at a few things. Is it easy for you to clean? A cage that is challenging for you to keep clean will usually end up dirtier than one that is easy to maintain. A dirty cage is an unhealthy cage.

Does it provide plenty of ventilation? A rabbit needs plenty of fresh air to remain healthy.

Does it offer protection? A good hutch will provide protection for your bunny from both predators and the elements. Rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain in the wild. They need to feel safe from dogs, raccoons and any other creature that may threaten their well being. They also need to be protected from the hot sun, the rain and cold winds.

Once you have a few choice hutches in mind, think about where the hutch will be placed. If it is going outside, try to find a site that offers shade in the summer and protection from the wind. If the hutch will be inside the house, is it easy to access? Will the cage be easy to clean out in its location? Are there any unsafe things like electrical cords within chewing reach of your bunny?

Once you have your new large rabbit hutch put together, you'll want to add your rabbit's accessories. Perhaps you have a litter box for your rabbit to use. Place this in the corner that your rabbit prefers to use as a toilet. This makes litter box training easy. Toys should be rabbit proof or made of wood so when your bunny chews on them they can safely pass through the digestive tract.

A water bottle should be affixed to the outside of the cage. The food dish should be either attached to the wall of the cage or be too heavy for your rabbit to tip over. Don't underestimate your rabbit... they can flip some fairly heavy dishes!

Let your rabbit investigate his new home. They will sniff all the corners and rub their chin on dishes, toys and other places. They will start exploring every inch. Your bunny will choose their favorite spot to sleep, to relax and to play. If you notice that your bunny prefers pottying in another corner away from the litter box, move it to the chosen corner. Your rabbit will be very happy in their new large rabbit hutch!

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